Sale options

Asking prices.

  1.  Buying Pian del Nasso as one lot with all buildings and approx. 8,2 ha of grounds Eur. 960.000

  2.  Buying the Mansion as a seperate lot (incl. Cascina appartment, pool with poolhouse, stable, wood oven, chestnut drying shed) and approx. 2 ha of grounds Eur. 570.000

  3.  Buying the Mulino (watermill) as a seperate lot and approx.3 ha of grounds Eur. 320.000

  4.  Buying the Rustico as a seperate lot (incl. Verdino and Flavio cottage 2) and approx. 3 ha of grounds Eur. 140.000

  5.  Optional: buying the Borgo (in the village at 4 km) as an extra seperate lot with approx. 140 m2 of grounds Eur. 59.000

The above listing of options should be a quideline for future buyers depending on their intended use of the estate.

Taking over Pian del Nasso means above all changing your lifestyle. This oasis of peace, tranquility and privacy is a place for people who want to be close to nature in the Italian coun-tryside, near to the Medi-terranean and the famous Piemontese wine area:

  • using Pian del Nasso as a luxury family residence
  • using Pian del Nasso as a residence with the present small-scale tourist activity of renting out the existing accommodations to holiday visitors
  • using Pian del Nasso as a starting infrastructure for expansion of tourist activities; this plan has to be based on the approved permits by the Region in 2018
  • all possibilities could be expanded with an option to have the permanent presence of a caretaker.

A little bit of history.


The Dutch owners, bought the property In 1999. The main considerations to buy Pian del Nasso were the position of the property in an open valley, the availability of more buildings together with an old water-mill, an ancient old arched stable (now being the kitchen) and the open fields enclosed by two little rivers, all surrounded by hills with woods. Important was to be in northern Italy (one-day drive from Holland), next to a village and near to the Mediterranean Sea in a typical Italian envi-ronment with friendly people. Their first intention was to slowly do some renovations and to go and live there after 10-15 years.

The reality was that they quitted their jobs in 2001, sold their home in Holland and started a new phase in their lives, renovating the mansion, helping foreigners looking for second homes in the region and renting out tourist accommodations. During these last fifteen years an increasing number of tourists found their way to the Langhe region of south Piedmont and Liguria. It is a culinary center with quality wines and foods in a beautiful natural environment where authentic country heritage is everywhere. Fortunately this relatively small scale tourism is still growing and the area remains as quiet, beautiful and authentic as it always was: it has become a place for connoisseurs. Nowadays Pian del Nasso is a small and successful high-end holiday residence. The existing accommodations distinguish themselves by authentic buildings, adequate renovations, availability of today's standards for convenience and comfort like a tasteful decoration, fully equipped kitchens, Wi-Fi and swimming pool. And most important: absolute privacy is guaranteed by lots of private space, nature everywhere around, beautiful views and... silence and peacefulness. Pian del Nasso is surrounded by a hilly open landscape with meadows and woods and connects to the regional Park of Piana Crixia; the estate also connects to a large neighboring property, belonging to members of the 'Wilderness association'. The total surfuce of the estate is 8,2 hectares; about 3,7 hectares is relatively flat grassland, also suitable for holding horses or growing crops, and the remaining 4.5 hectares is woodland. The total surface of buidings is approx. 1100 m2 of which 650 m2 habitable, 300 m2 other buildings and 150 m2 covered terraces. On the property of Pian del Nasso rests a residual construction quotum of 500 m2 which can be used for future expansion.

Expansion possibilities

stallaFor possible future development there is an ongoing project to expand tourist accommodations; approval by the Liguria Region in 2018 *). This small scale 'villaggio turistico' will give the possibility to create up to six modern ecological lodges, each with a big private garden and unique views. Renovation of existing buildings remains also possible. The objective is to create the optimal scale for a unique residence with absolute privacy, without hurting the connection with nature, nor creating an overcapacity of visiting people and last but not least: adequate profits. The current renovation plan of the stable includes a central communal multipurpose area: the installation of a modern open kitchen to be used for cooking and eating with groups, lessons and training, library, exposition space, art creation and promotion - a place to meet and to do things together. The creation of a greenery with supply of fresh vegetables and the use of the wood burning stone-oven for bread and pizza could be part of communal activities.

 *) the building plan can be personalized and its implementation is not mandatory. The cost for this building permit is fully for the vendor.